Palm Beach Life - January 1960

Now working on a Huntington Hartford fellowship at the Hartford Foundation near Los Angeles, Mr. Huppler is making his second showing at the Worth Avenue Gallery. Two years ago, his collection of “Animal Friends,” proved an engagingly attractive opening exhibition at the Christmas season there.

Once again his exquisite workmanship that suggests Pointillism with pen and ink, his sense of style and elfin humor are expected to captivate the public. They will provide a contrast to the more serious Crosthwaite paintings.

Deceptively simplex appearing, the Huppler drawings, with their spare use of wash color effects, are fine work of art with imaginative appeal. Typical of his style are such works as “Captured Moon,” with trees veiling the moon, and “First Born,” a study of monkeys.

Virtually self-taught in art, Mr. Huppler deserted a teaching career at the age of 26 to devote his time to art. He has had shows at Chicago Art Institute and in New York, spent two years in Italy, and is represented in many important collections.